Real Estate

Commercial and Residential Real estate is one of my specialties.

I employ a number of advanced methods, research the site pre-shoot to make sure I am shooting with the best possible light, and even obsess over the weather so I get blue skies and puffy clouds. (If you need the pictures sooner, I can do that as well, but... you know... puffy clouds!)

I also have a great deal of experience in Corporate America, so I get the various nuances of having a photographer roaming around an active business, and can handle the various questions with an appropriate level of sensitivity and confidentiality.

And I'm also highly experienced in dealing with people who think that a guy carrying around a big camera absolutely must be a terrorist. (Yes, this actually happens. It's totally weird.)

In the residential space, I have been responsible for extensive foot traffic and rapid sales of houses even in down markets. I am, however, not cheap, so if you're expecting average prices, it's probably best that you don't call me. I'll just freak you out with the quote and that's not going to do anyone any good.