Community Theatre

My daughter has been involved in various community theatre groups over the years. In that time I've developed relationships with the various heads of these organizations and generally offered my time and experience as a photographer in the hopes of giving them some nice materials for publicity and the like.

Theatre can be very challenging. The lighting is generally very low and varies significantly from moment to moment and place to place. The actors are constantly in motion with significant changes in expression. You also have to predict how things will play out and move to capture a particular scene or emotion at just the right time- and if you happen to be doing it during a live show, you must also avoid negatively affecting the experience of the audience.

In addition to the various challenges, it is a great deal of fun working with the actors, and is all-around a very rewarding experience. It has also been great for me to be able to give a little back to the community.

By the way, my daughter is Dorothy in these pictures. And yes, that is a real dog. His name is "Mr. Snickers". Best... name... ever.